Past agendas & presentations

Archive of past agendas
wren 2018
May 3-4, 2018
Ashland, OR
wren 2015 
Cyanobacterial/ Harmful Algal Bloom Seminar
May 21, 2015
wren 2014
May 22, 2014
wren 2013
May 16, 2013
wren 2012
May 17, 2012
wren 2011
May 19, 2011
wren 2010
May 12-14, 2010
Ashland, OR
wren 2009
May 13-15, 2009
Ashland, OR
wren 2008
May 14-16, 2008
Ashland, OR
wren 2007
May 16-18, 2007
Ashland, OR
wren 2006
May 18-20, 2006
Ashland, OR
wren 2005
May 18-21, 2005
Ashland, OR
wren 2004
May 12-15, 2004
Ashland, OR
wren 2003
May 15-16, 2003
Ashland, OR
wren 2002
May 16-18, 2002
Ashland, OR
wren 2001
May 16-19, 2001
Ashland, OR
wren 2000
May 17-20, 2000
Ashland, OR
wren 1999
May 13-15, 1999
Ashland, OR
wren 1998
May 14-16, 1998
Ashland, OR
wren 1997
May 15-17, 1997
Ashland, OR
wren 1996
May 16-18, 1996
Ashland, OR
wren 1995
May 18-20, 1995
Ashland, OR
wren 1994
May 19-20, 1994
Ashland, OR
wren 1993
May 19-21, 1993
Ashland, OR
wren 1992
May 13-15, 1992
Ashland, OR
wren 1991
May 16-18, 1991
Ashland, OR
wren 1990
May 17-19, 1990
Ashland, OR
wren 1989
May 11-13, 1989
Ashland, OR
wren 1988
May 13-14, 1988
Ashland, OR
wren 1987
May 14-16, 1987
Ashland, OR
wren 1986
May 8-10, 1986
Ashland, OR
If any of WREN's founders or veteran attendees still have agendas from the 1980s, please email us scanned copies so that we can complete the archive. 
Archive of selected past presentations​

wren 2018

Michael Heumann, OR and Daniel Smith, CA

"WREN: Historical perspective and current relevance"


Jennifer Ha, CA

"Non-agricultural pesticide illness in California, 2006-2015"

Lauren Freelander, WA and Lillian Morris, WA

"Washington Tracking Network: Validating lead and radon risk exposure maps"

Michael Heumann, OR

"Disaster Epidemiology: Overview of tools, methods, and approaches"

Daniel Smith, CA

"A series of unfortunate cases--What can we learn?"

wren 2012

Lauren Joe, CA

The Deadly Stripper: A Survey of Paint Stripping Products at Local Hardware and Paint Stores Prompted by Worker Deaths from Methylene Chloride Exposure


Danny Kwon, CA

Welcome to the Hotel California: Chlorine Gas Release at a Hotel- California, 2012


Svetlana Smorodinsky, CA

Spilling the Beans about HazMat Spills in California

Shelley DuTeaux, CA

 “The Emerging Threat of Chemical-Assisted Suicides

Dennis McDermot, WA

Sub-County Estimation of Chronic Disease Risk: Asthma, Diabetes, Obesity

Craig Wolff, CA

Drinking Water Systems Geographic Reporting Tool

Steven Macdonald, WA

Data Policy Issues in the Tracking Network: A Potpourri of Conundrums?

Judy Bardin, WA

Expanding Data Availability and Developing a New Indicator for Outdoor Air Quality on the Washington Tracking Network

Denise Bonilla, CA

Changes to Tick-Borne Disease Public Health Messaging in Response to an Emerging Rickettsial Pathogen

Meredith Towle, CO

Review of Work-related Poisoning Exposures Reported to a Poison Center Helpline, Colorado, 2000-2010

Lauren Jenks, WA

Bringing Environmental Public Health Home: Addressing Environmental Health Hazards in Homes in Washington State

wren 2010

David Solet, WA 

"Health Disparities in King County: How Do We Compare? (Work in Progress)"


Marilyn Sitaker, WA and Dennis McDermott, WA

Chronic Disease Disparities in Washington State:
Exploring Changes Over Time


Angela Kemple, WA

Trends in Obesity among Black Adults in Washington
State, 1990-2008

Mandy Green, OR

Putting Young Worker Health on the Map: Occupational Injuries to Oregon Workers 24 Years and Younger, 2000 - 2008


Suan Barnes, CA

Using and Improving Early Aberration Reporting System (EARS) for Local Public Health Biosurveillance


Daniel Rubado, OR

Measuring the Built Environment – Indicators for Urban Oregon


Svetlana Smorodinsky, CA

Everything You Wanted to Know about Zip Code Use in Public Health and Were Afraid to Ask

Dennis McDermott, WA

Socioeconomic Risk of Chronic Disease in
Washington State: a Multi-Level Modeling Approach


Curtis Cude, OR

Harmful Algae Blooms in Oregon: Don’t Get Slimed!

wren 2009

Michael Heumann, OR and Michelle Barber, OR

Disaster Epidemiology at the State and National Level: Applying Public Health Tracking to Emergency Preparedness and Climate Change Issues

Susan Payne, CA

Lowering the Blood Lead Level (BLL) of Concern in Adults: California Activities

Amy Arcus-Arth, CA 

Background and Update on Melamine: Fun with


Assunta Riteini, CA

Cosmetic Product Reporting in California: The 2005
California Safe Cosmetics Act


Dina Dobraca, CA

Assess Cell Phone and Cordless Phone Risks and Craft Advice

Nino Yanga, CA

The Light Brown Apple Moth in California: Planes, Pheromones and Public Health


Julie Plagenhoef, OR

Vision for the Future: A Real Time Disease Surveillance Program with the Oregon Poison Center and State Public Health


Kinnery Naik, CA

Agricultural Burning at the California-Mexico Border: A Collaborative Effort to Address Air Quality and Community Health- 2009


Nancy Goff, OR and Kirsten Aird, OR 

Building Capacity for Health Impact Assessment in Oregon


Daniel Smith, CA

More on Overlapping Confidence Intervals, and Ways to Graphically Present Estimates and Intervals


Svetlana Smorodinsky, CA

To Map Or Not To Map: A Brief Overview of GIS Tools for a Non-Technical Person

wren 2008

Yvonne Boudreau, CO

Western Regional Focus of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health


Michael Heumann, OR

The evolution of emergency preparedness in public health

Rodney D. Garland, OR

Integrated GIS solutions, Oregon Public Health Division’s experiences

Eric Ossiander, WA

The effect of vehicle incompatibility on motor vehicle fatalities

Heidi Purcell, OR

An overview of non-motor vehicle bicycle crashes in Oregon


Kathleen Fitzsimmons, CA

Occupational heat-related illness in California

Kathleen L. Vork, CA

A simplified steady state modeling approach for estimating Benzo(a)pyrene and lead in human milk resulting from long term chronic exposure to the mother


Sumi Hoshiko, CA

Radionuclides in baby teeth: environmental exposure markers and association with childhood cancer"

Theodora Tsongas, OR and Laura Boswell, OR

Risks of acute injury for responders to hazardous materials releases in Oregon, 1993-2005

Lani Kent, CA 

An evaluation of fish mercury advisories: relaying complicated and sometimes contradictory information to the public


Svetlana Smorodinsky, CA

Fish consumption and mercury exposure among pregnant women in a Sacramento, CA clinic – WREN Part II

Elisabeth Maxwell, OR 

Lead in Mexican candy in Oregon"

Mandy Green, OR

Pyrethrin and pyrethroid illnesses in the Pacific Northwest: A five year review

Steven MacDonald, WA

"Creating a fully de-indentfied public use dataset (PUDS): Policy and practice"

wren 2007

Steven Macdonald, WA

Emergency response in outbreaks of non-infectious conditions: a story of three outbreaks

Roger Trent, CA 

Heat-related deaths associated with a severe heat wave — California, July 2006

Amy Zlot, OR

Family history of diabetes: Incorporating genomics data into the BRFSS


Marilyn Sitaker, WA

Socioeconomic disparities in health behaviors, access, and processes of care in Washington state adults with diabetes

Robert Schlag, CA 

Evaluation of health effects of recycled waste tires in playgrounds

Shelley DuTeaux, CA

The Sacramento train trestle fire: How to keep public health interests from being railroaded in an emergency

Xiaodong Sun

Introduction to public health emergency response and preparedness in China & Shanghai

Sharon Seidel Lee, CA and Sandy McNeel, CA

Interstate Chemical Terrorism Workgroup

Svetlana Smorodinsky, CA

California Environmental Health Tracking Program tools: Take Google, mix in pesticides, and voila! — a web-mapping service is born


Rachel Broadwin, CA

To parcel geocode or Not to parcel geocode: That is the question

Luz Kirsch, CA

Lead brought home from work in California — Identification and prevention

Lori Copan, CA

Mercury exposure from fish consumption among low-income pregnant women"

Victor Anderson, CA

Radiological dispersion devices: Urban pathways analysis — challenges and issues

Raymond Neutra, CA

Bayesian and Toulminian critique of the IARC hazard identification scheme

Heidi Purcell, OR 

An evaluation of the adolescent suicide attempt data system: An issue of definition and nomenclature